And We're Back... Tweets? Really?

I know you have heard this from me before, but we're back. I have some changes that will be coming up for me professionally and I thought it was the right time to start up the site again. My plan this time around is to do most of my updating through social media and the site Blog. With that in mind you can now find us on Facebook:

Find us on Facebook

I've struggled with this one a lot. I'm a closet Twitter user in that I've followed but have yet to tweet even once. As these new changes come about I'd like to be able to share information, pictures and videos as they happen. Because I don't sit at my main computer every day that has always been a challenge. Now, armed with more Apple products than I should own I'm hoping to change that:

Twitter Badge



What's in store?

Still Fighting the War

To be quite honest I'm not sure. I have had grand plans in the past only to have them fall by the wayside. How I see this working is that Facebook and Twitter will give me the ability to quickly share pertinent news, information, cases, photos and whatever is happening in the moment.













I want to thank all of you who have donated to our ALS Fund Raising Page. The site is still free, and I hope it will remain so for the foreseeable future. That being said I am going to continue to ask for donations to this very worthy cause.

Despite 20 million people dying from ALS since 1869, there hasn’t been any significant effort to treat or cure this disease. Jon and ALS patients everywhere are basically offered the same treatment options as Lou Gehrig in 1939. Without raising awareness and funding, ALS will not receive the research efforts necessary to find a cure and will continue to strike down every person who is diagnosed.

To contribute online visit my contribution page at:

Spoo's War on ALS Fund Raising Page if you are uncomfortable contributing online drop me an email at gundogdoc@gundogdoc.com.